Our history

The Evolution of the Technological Quality and Timing.

Production on order with our Internal Design.

Pedersoli 2 Srl Wood Department was opened in the 1995 to produce gun stocks solely for Davide Pedersoli Company, founded in the 1957, which is World Leader in the reproduction of historical guns. Thanks to the continuous technological innovation and the care of the top quality standards, Pedersoli's catalog got more and more enriched of gun reproductions in the years, including now more than 70 different models.

The stocks production made of European and American Walnut, as well as American Maple was brought totally inside the Pedersoli 2 Srl Wood Dept. which was progressively transforming the technological pattern and the production capacity. Since some years, Pedersoli 2 Srl Wood Dept. accepts international orders for the hunting sector, the historical target shooting with former military rifles, additionally there are various wood accessories. The customers can count on four CNC machines, two coupling lathes, the project/design office and the polishing dept. 

We can plan large orders only.

Years of Experience
Manufactured Models
300 cm
The workable length

Research and Development

High quality through the Innovation.

The constant commitment in the research leading to the development of always new solutions.
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Ricerca e Sviluppo vernici
Ricerca e Sviluppo vernici